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  • Bee Enchanted – Penella Bee

    Bee Enchanted – Penella Bee

    North East England

    My name is Penella Bee I feel like a  funky, fierce dance and circus performer now running the Fire Girls and Enchanted…

  • Kitty Hoola – Bridget Herwin

    Kitty Hoola – Bridget Herwin

    Norwich, Norfolk UK

    Kitty’s parents started taking her to see ballet at a very early age. With ideas well above her station, she…

  • Hoops Rock! – Rachel Conlisk

    Hoops Rock! – Rachel Conlisk

    Birmingham, United Kingdom

    Rachel, a.k.a. Spinsonic is the founder of Hoops Rock! Hoopdance and Spinsonic Entertainment.  She has a passion for hula hooping,…

  • Sheefa Hoops – Ellie

    Sheefa Hoops – Ellie

    Taunton, Somerset, England

    Hello hoopers! I’m Ellie Hoops, the creator and founder of Sheefa Hoops. In Hebrew Shefa means flow and abundance, and…

  • JennieBrennenHoops



    Hoop Spinner/Maker Extraordinaire!    

  • HoopDanceSussex – Lucinda Muschialli

    HoopDanceSussex – Lucinda Muschialli


    Welcome to HoopDanceSussex! I run monthly HoopDance classes and HoopJams for adults and children, please contact me to join the…

  • Hooplay – Sarah Jane McMorrow

    Hooplay – Sarah Jane McMorrow


    Sarah Jane McMorrow is a hoop dance instructor based in London and the founder of Hooplay. Whilst working as an…

  • Cheddar Valley Hooping – Lynn Southam

    Cheddar Valley Hooping – Lynn Southam

    Cheddar, UK

    Hoop Fit – Mind Fit If you think hooping is just about your waist, think again! In this fun class…


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