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Tag: Texas

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  • Inner Space Hooping – Fran Koiner

    Houston and League City, TX
    Certified Hoop Love Coach Fran Koiner founded Inner Space Hooping as an extension of her loves of hooping and working…
  • Toni Pawlowski – Tonikikii Performance Arts

    Dallas, TX
    Hi! I’m Toni of Tonikikii Performance Arts. I have been hooping since April 2014 and teaching and performing since early…
  • Oola Hula Hoop and Flow – Sara Cole Barnette

    Houston, Texas
    What can I say, I love hoops and all things hooplovers! I owe all my progression to Deanne Love. She…
  • Far Out Hooping – Marlys

    Alpine Texas, USA
    FAR OUT HOOPING is west Texas' premiere hoopdance and fitness company, offering weekly hoopdance classes, hooping workshops, and custom-made, professional…