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  • Pixie Daze Hoop Dance – Troy New York

    Troy New York
    Pixie Daze Hoop Dance, based in Troy, New York; offers classes, performances, and workshops to promote self-confidence, community, fitness, and…
  • Small Tribe – Heather Davies

    Marlboro, USA
    Heather Davies has been hooping since 2008. At that time, she was living in Ohio and going to festivals every…
  • Imajenation Hoop Revival – Jen Spiece

    Saranac NY
    Jen is committed to sharing the skill, excitement, enjoyment, and confidence of hooping for adults and children. Classes offered for…
  • Celestial Hoops – Kate Pelletier

    Albany, NY, USA
    Fun fitness and hoopdance classes and skillfully crafted hula hoops!