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  • Sirena Hoops

    Sirena Hoops


    Ceci Sirena (aka Cecile Pitre) has always loved moving since childhood. As a little girl, she imagined herself as a…

  • Kurrent Motion – Karrie Blackburn

    Kurrent Motion – Karrie Blackburn

    Winnipeg, Canada

    Karrie’s hoop journey began in 2009. What started out as a means of exercise quickly grew into her passion. Having…

  • Citrus Circles – Dagny

    Citrus Circles – Dagny

    Edmonton, AB, Canada

    Dagny of Citrus Circles was first dazzled by hooping at Shambhala, but was unable to let it stop at that… …

  • HooperFit – Meg McCormick

    HooperFit – Meg McCormick

    British Columbia, Canada

    HooperFit founder Meg McCormick is a qualified Hoop Love Coach and Certified Artistic Gymnastics Coach. Along with her many years…

  • Harbour Hoops – Aimee B

    Harbour Hoops – Aimee B

    Nanaimo, Canada

    AimeeB, from Harbour Hoops, is connecting you with your perfect hula hoop! Based in Nanaimo BC, on Vancouver Island, AimeeB…

  • Hooptality – Carron McCabe

    Hooptality – Carron McCabe

    Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

    “Carron from Hooptality has so much passion for hoop dance – you can’t help but find it contagious!” Hooptality Student…

  • Hoops by Gypsy – Rachel

    Hoops by Gypsy – Rachel

    Winnipeg, Canada

    Hoops by Gypsy offers high-quality, collapsible hula hoops ideal for beginners. Classes and workshops are also available upon request. Hoops…

  • The Hoop Fairy – Pamela Lamont

    The Hoop Fairy – Pamela Lamont

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    “My goal is to spread the word about the benefits of Hoop Dance and provide beautifully handcrafted custom hoops to…

  • Hula Flow – Stephanie Hendry

    Hula Flow – Stephanie Hendry

    Vernon BC Canada

    Let me introduce myself, I’m Stephanie and I love to use hula hooping as part of my fitness program as…


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