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  • Infinity Hoop – Ashley Kouns

    Kentucky, USA
    Ashley Kouns lives in Ashland, KY and has been hoop dancing for 2 years. Ashley performs at local festivals, benefits…
  • Jenna Hoops – Jenna Iwanchuk

    Gothenburg, Sweden
    Jenna Hoops - Spreading the joy of hooping! My goal is to spread the joy of hooping to anyone and…
  • All in the Hoop – Jill Rabinowitz

    Jupiter Florida
    All in the Hoop, founded by Jill Rabinowitz, is a spreading the hoop love in Jupiter, Florida and beyond from…
  • Amanda McKenna – Lupa’s Hoop Pit

    Macarthur Region, NSW, Australia
    Amanda McKenna - aka Lupa Howl  - is here to ignite your Hooping Howl! Lupa is a bit wild, loud and fun in a…
  • Pixie Daze Hoop Dance – Troy New York

    Troy New York
    Pixie Daze Hoop Dance, based in Troy, New York; offers classes, performances, and workshops to promote self-confidence, community, fitness, and…
  • Hip Hoop Hooray – Emma Shepherd

    Brisbane Australia
    Get fit whilst hooping! By using a combination of fitness, traditional hula hooping and circus techniques this class will definitely…
  • Hooked on Hoops – Silvia

    Derry Northern Ireland
    Silvia Levi has been a hoop trooper since 2012. Since 2012 she has been watching every video tutorial available on…
  • Tea Bowie Ford – teakihoops

    Woolgoolga, NSW Australia
    The "effervescent, raucous and wonderfully ridiculous" Tea is easy on the eyes and impossible to ignore. Her unique twist on…
  • Sunshine’s Hoop Love – Jessie | Sunshine Coast QLD Australia

    Sunshine Coast QLD Australia
    Jessie is a hoop dance extraordinaire who shares her love and passion for hooping with her local community. After picking…
  • Lansing Hoops – Missy Cooke

    Lansing, MI United States
    Missy Cooke helps women relax, let loose, and smile more by getting up, getting out, and starting something new. You…
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