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  • Lisa Schaffner – Lucifers Match

    Lisa Schaffner – Lucifers Match

    Darmstadt, Hesse

    Hey! I’m Lis Liquida from the fireperformance group „Lucifers Match“. Currently based in Darmstadt (near of Frankfurt a.M., Germany) offering…

  • Lorena Rodriguez – LorenaHoopdance

    Lorena Rodriguez – LorenaHoopdance

    Miami, Florida

    Miami, Fl based performer and instructor Lorena Rodriguez (LorenaHoopdance), specializes in teaching beginner through intermediate hoopdance classes in her community.…

  • Carrie Kloss – San Diego County

    Carrie Kloss – San Diego County

    San Diego County

    Carrie Kloss is a certified hoop dance instructor, coach, and mentor through Hoop Love and Hoop Revolution. She founded Hoopadance…

  • Magdalena Whirly Bird

    Magdalena Whirly Bird

    Melbourne Australia

    Sharing hooping means laughter, fun and a time to play for Margaret Krajnc or otherwise known as Magdalena Whirly Bird.…

  • Little Plastic Circles – Jules Becker

    Little Plastic Circles – Jules Becker

    Port Huron, Michigan

    Little Plastic Circles offers Hoop Fitness and Dance classes as well as workshops for those brand new to hooping and…

  • Flow Fixation – Natallia Pesola

    Flow Fixation – Natallia Pesola


    Having begun her hoop journey in spring of 2014, Natallia has remained dedicated since. Her talent began much like everyone…

  • Infinity Hoop – Ashley Kouns

    Infinity Hoop – Ashley Kouns

    Kentucky, USA

    Ashley Kouns lives in Ashland, KY and has been hoop dancing for 2 years. Ashley performs at local festivals, benefits…

  • Jenna Hoops – Jenna Iwanchuk

    Jenna Hoops – Jenna Iwanchuk

    Gothenburg, Sweden

    Jenna Hoops – Spreading the joy of hooping! My goal is to spread the joy of hooping to anyone and…

  • All in the Hoop – Jill Rabinowitz

    All in the Hoop – Jill Rabinowitz

    Jupiter Florida

    All in the Hoop, founded by Jill Rabinowitz, is a spreading the hoop love in Jupiter, Florida and beyond from…

  • Amanda McKenna – Lupa’s Hoop Pit

    Amanda McKenna – Lupa’s Hoop Pit

    Macarthur Region, NSW, Australia

    Amanda McKenna – aka Lupa Howl  – is here to ignite your Hooping Howl! Lupa is a bit wild, loud and fun in a…

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