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  • Alliratt – Allison Ratterree

    Alliratt – Allison Ratterree

    Spartanburg, SC

    Allison Ratterree is a retired public school teacher and school librarian. Needing a change and coming to the hoop a…

  • Little Plastic Circles – Jules Becker

    Little Plastic Circles – Jules Becker

    Port Huron, Michigan

    Little Plastic Circles offers Hoop Fitness and Dance classes as well as workshops for those brand new to hooping and…

  • Hoop Inspired – Ame’lie  Long

    Hoop Inspired – Ame’lie Long


    Hoop Inspired is dedicated to helping others find flow.

  • Harvey Street Hooper – Stacey Mundt

    Harvey Street Hooper – Stacey Mundt

    Plymouth, Michigan

    Hi!  My name is Stacey Mundt.  I discovered the hoop about 3 years ago and now I am a Certified…

  • Dance Swirl – Jess Sweeney

    Dance Swirl – Jess Sweeney


    Providing the Seattle area with a fun way to workout, dance, and move! Classes, workshops, parties, and private lessons. All…

  • Flow Fixation – Natallia Pesola

    Flow Fixation – Natallia Pesola


    Having begun her hoop journey in spring of 2014, Natallia has remained dedicated since. Her talent began much like everyone…

  • Inner Light Hooping – Jenny Mowrer

    Inner Light Hooping – Jenny Mowrer

    Toledo, OH

    My purpose is to support others to become healthier and happier through hooping as a form of exercise and personal…

  • What’s Hoopening? – Arwyn Yarwood

    What’s Hoopening? – Arwyn Yarwood

    Madison, WI

    I currently teach classes at Get Fit Health Club in Beaver Dam, WI every Wednesday night at 5:30. I am…

  • Pachy Hoops – Michelle Hamilton

    Pachy Hoops – Michelle Hamilton

    Alpharetta Atlanta

    The hula hoop changed my life in 2015 and I've started Pachy Hoops to help others find the joy and…

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