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  • Miscauly Vallejo

    Miscauly Vallejo

    Spain Madrid

    Hello, I’m Missy, illustrator and hulahooper based in Madrid, Spain. The hula hoop is something that has accompanied me since…

  • Sirena Hoops

    Sirena Hoops


    Ceci Sirena (aka Cecile Pitre) has always loved moving since childhood. As a little girl, she imagined herself as a…

  • Super Hoops – Otillia Ward

    Super Hoops – Otillia Ward

    San Francisco California

    My name is Otillia and I am here to help people find their super power through a hula hoop! I…

  • Leslie Holstein – 	Stretch For Flow

    Leslie Holstein – Stretch For Flow

    Columbia Station, Ohio

    Leslie Holstein shares her love of hooping in the greater Cleveland,, Ohio area.  She offers beginner hoop dance classes to…

  • Hoop Rio – Camila Santos Rocha

    Hoop Rio – Camila Santos Rocha

    Rio de Janeiro, RJ

    With Hoop Rio, Camila develops people on different hula hoop techniques in Rio de Janeiro and out of State. She…

  • Inner Space Hooping – Fran Koiner

    Inner Space Hooping – Fran Koiner

    Houston and League City, TX

    Certified Hoop Love Coach Fran Koiner founded Inner Space Hooping as an extension of her loves of hooping and working…

  • Neeti’s dance studio – Neeti Ahuja

    Neeti’s dance studio – Neeti Ahuja

    New Delhi

    Indian hooper full of love and energy to teach and learn.  

  • Geckosi – Evie Jacob

    Geckosi – Evie Jacob

    Wales Swansea

    A young, dedicated hooper who found their confidence with the help of a hula hoop and wants to share the…

  • Susan Weiner – Suburban Dervish

    Susan Weiner – Suburban Dervish

    Stockton CA

    I’m a HoopLove coach who incorporates my hooping with the ancient power of healing dance to help you find your…

  • Kassandra Thompson – Sun Hoop Shop

    Kassandra Thompson – Sun Hoop Shop

    Hartford, CT

    Sun Hoop Shop, founded by Kassandra Thompson, is dedicated to spreading the Hoop Love for everyone. Everything is handmade by…

  • Tracey Meredith – Tracey’s Happy Place

    Tracey Meredith – Tracey’s Happy Place

    Gwandalan NSW

    I am a Hoop Love Coach from the Central Coast NSW. I was first introduced to hooping in 2014 at…

  • Katrin Heintschel – Hoop Jungle

    Katrin Heintschel – Hoop Jungle

    Antibes, Nice

    I think hooping is a wonderful combination of dancing, workout, body coordination and playfulness. Whenever I give my hoop to…

  • Michelle Hamilton – Pachy Hoops

    Michelle Hamilton – Pachy Hoops

    North Georgia

    Pachy Hoops is making fitness fun through hula hoop dance classes and workout classes. Bring out your inner child and…

  • Toni Pawlowski – 	Tonikikii Performance Arts

    Toni Pawlowski – Tonikikii Performance Arts

    Dallas, TX

    Hi! I’m Toni of Tonikikii Performance Arts. I have been hooping since April 2014 and teaching and performing since early…

  • Debbie Maidment – Rise Hoop Dance

    Debbie Maidment – Rise Hoop Dance


    Hi I’m Debbie. I like nothing better than to dance, hula hoop and take photographs – sometimes all at the…

  • Deneen Pancari – Wild & Free Play

    Deneen Pancari – Wild & Free Play

    Bozeman, Montana

    Deneen is a preschool teacher, specializing in kids yoga and hula hoops for all ages. Wild & Free Play classes…

  • Rachel Paolini – Funky Hoops

    Rachel Paolini – Funky Hoops

    Delaware USA

    Hoop Dance is a fun and fabulous exercise. Not only are you burning calories but you are learning a new…

  • Ame’lie  Long – Hoop Inspired

    Ame’lie Long – Hoop Inspired

    Wilmington, NC

    Hoop Inspired is dedicated to the art of play and getting you moving in such a way that is joyful…

  • Jean Barnette – Hoops n Dreams

    Jean Barnette – Hoops n Dreams

    New Jersey

    Skating all kinds Hooping Baton Fire hoops, baton, fans Children’s activities Creator of the parachute hoop

  • Lisa Schaffner – Lucifers Match

    Lisa Schaffner – Lucifers Match

    Darmstadt, Hesse

    Hey! I’m Lis Liquida from the fireperformance group „Lucifers Match“. Currently based in Darmstadt (near of Frankfurt a.M., Germany) offering…

  • Paige Dolan – Wanderess Paige

    Paige Dolan – Wanderess Paige

    Chicago, IL

    Hi I’m Paige! I hoop because it allows me to get out of my head and into my heart. Hooping…

  • Lorena Rodriguez – LorenaHoopdance

    Lorena Rodriguez – LorenaHoopdance

    Miami, Florida

    Miami, Fl based performer and instructor Lorena Rodriguez (LorenaHoopdance), specializes in teaching beginner through intermediate hoopdance classes in her community.…

  • Carrie Kloss – San Diego County

    Carrie Kloss – San Diego County

    San Diego County

    Carrie Kloss is a certified hoop dance instructor, coach, and mentor through Hoop Love and Hoop Revolution. She founded Hoopadance…

  • Magdalena Whirly Bird

    Magdalena Whirly Bird

    Melbourne Australia

    Sharing hooping means laughter, fun and a time to play for Margaret Krajnc or otherwise known as Magdalena Whirly Bird.…

  • Cheddar Valley Hooping – Lynn Southam

    Cheddar Valley Hooping – Lynn Southam

    United Kingdom South West

    Promoting co-ordination, flexibility and balance using light weight hula hoops and fun. Bring your bingo wings and a smile!

  • Oola Hula Hoop and Flow – Sara Cole  Barnette

    Oola Hula Hoop and Flow – Sara Cole Barnette

    Houston, Texas

    What can I say, I love hoops and all things hooplovers! I owe all my progression to Deanne Love. She…

  • Alliratt – Allison Ratterree

    Alliratt – Allison Ratterree

    Spartanburg, SC

    Allison Ratterree is a retired public school teacher and school librarian. Needing a change and coming to the hoop a…

  • Little Plastic Circles – Jules Becker

    Little Plastic Circles – Jules Becker

    Port Huron, Michigan

    Little Plastic Circles offers Hoop Fitness and Dance classes as well as workshops for those brand new to hooping and…

  • Hoop Inspired – Ame’lie  Long

    Hoop Inspired – Ame’lie Long


    Hoop Inspired is dedicated to helping others find flow.

  • Harvey Street Hooper – Stacey Mundt

    Harvey Street Hooper – Stacey Mundt

    Plymouth, Michigan

    Hi!  My name is Stacey Mundt.  I discovered the hoop about 3 years ago and now I am a Certified…

  • Hobart Hula Hoop Class – Trish Humphries

    Hobart Hula Hoop Class – Trish Humphries

    Hobart, Tasmania

    I started hooping as a form of exercise that was fun. Catching the hooping bug I wanted to learn more,…

  • Dance Swirl – Jess Sweeney

    Dance Swirl – Jess Sweeney


    Providing the Seattle area with a fun way to workout, dance, and move! Classes, workshops, parties, and private lessons. All…

  • Flow Fixation – Natallia Pesola

    Flow Fixation – Natallia Pesola


    Having begun her hoop journey in spring of 2014, Natallia has remained dedicated since. Her talent began much like everyone…

  • Inner Light Hooping – Jenny Mowrer

    Inner Light Hooping – Jenny Mowrer

    Toledo, OH

    My purpose is to support others to become healthier and happier through hooping as a form of exercise and personal…

  • What’s Hoopening? – Arwyn Yarwood

    What’s Hoopening? – Arwyn Yarwood

    Madison, WI

    I currently teach classes at Get Fit Health Club in Beaver Dam, WI every Wednesday night at 5:30. I am…

  • Pachy Hoops – Michelle Hamilton

    Pachy Hoops – Michelle Hamilton

    Alpharetta Atlanta

    The hula hoop changed my life in 2015 and I've started Pachy Hoops to help others find the joy and…

  • Hula Fit Bulgaria – Radost Ivanova

    Hula Fit Bulgaria – Radost Ivanova

    Varna, Bulgaria

    I am Radost. By profession I am SpA manager. Now i m HulaFit instructor. Also a Couple Fit coach. For…

  • Infinity Hoop – Ashley Kouns

    Infinity Hoop – Ashley Kouns

    Kentucky, USA

    Ashley Kouns lives in Ashland, KY and has been hoop dancing for 2 years. Ashley performs at local festivals, benefits…

  • Jenna Hoops – Jenna Iwanchuk

    Jenna Hoops – Jenna Iwanchuk

    Gothenburg, Sweden

    Jenna Hoops – Spreading the joy of hooping! My goal is to spread the joy of hooping to anyone and…

  • All in the Hoop – Jill Rabinowitz

    All in the Hoop – Jill Rabinowitz

    Jupiter Florida

    All in the Hoop, founded by Jill Rabinowitz, is a spreading the hoop love in Jupiter, Florida and beyond from…

  • Amanda McKenna – Lupa’s Hoop Pit

    Amanda McKenna – Lupa’s Hoop Pit

    Macarthur Region, NSW, Australia

    Amanda McKenna – aka Lupa Howl  – is here to ignite your Hooping Howl! Lupa is a bit wild, loud and fun in a…

  • Pixie Daze Hoop Dance – Troy New York

    Pixie Daze Hoop Dance – Troy New York

    Troy New York

    Pixie Daze Hoop Dance, based in Troy, New York; offers classes, performances, and workshops to promote self-confidence, community, fitness, and…

  • Hip Hoop Hooray –  Emma Shepherd

    Hip Hoop Hooray – Emma Shepherd

    Brisbane Australia

    Get fit whilst hooping! By using a combination of fitness, traditional hula hooping and circus techniques this class will definitely…

  • Hooked on Hoops – Silvia

    Hooked on Hoops – Silvia

    Derry Northern Ireland

    Silvia Levi has been a hoop trooper since 2012. Since 2012 she has been watching every video tutorial available on…

  • Tea Bowie Ford – teakihoops

    Tea Bowie Ford – teakihoops

    Woolgoolga, NSW Australia

    The “effervescent, raucous and wonderfully ridiculous” Tea is easy on the eyes and impossible to ignore. Her unique twist on…

  • Lucy Cooper (aka Coops) – Coops Hoops

    Lucy Cooper (aka Coops) – Coops Hoops

    Wairarapa, New Zealand

    I love to hula hoop! But more than that, I love to share my passion for hooping with others! Hula hooping is…

  • Sunshine’s Hoop Love – Jessie | Sunshine Coast QLD Australia

    Sunshine’s Hoop Love – Jessie | Sunshine Coast QLD Australia

    Sunshine Coast QLD Australia

    Jessie is a hoop dancer who shares her passion for hula hooping with the local community. She has been hooping since…

  • Lansing Hoops – Missy Cooke

    Lansing Hoops – Missy Cooke

    Lansing, MI United States

    Missy Cooke helps women relax, let loose, and smile more by getting up, getting out, and starting something new. You…

  • Lunatrix Hoop Dance! – Hannah Indigo

    Lunatrix Hoop Dance! – Hannah Indigo

    Sydney, Australia

    HI! I’m Hannah from Indigo Odyssey. I am a hula-hoop teacher spinning to you from the land down under. Currently…

  • Hoop Expression – Crystal

    Hoop Expression – Crystal

    Concord, NC USA

    Hoop Expression was founded by Crystal Hallenbeck in hopes of inspiring others to experience the satisfaction and self expression that…

  • Color Me Hoopy – Angela Reitter

    Color Me Hoopy – Angela Reitter

    Robbinsville, NJ USA

    Welcome Hooper! I’m your “Spin Artist” Angela Reitter. As a kid I could NEVER get the hang of the hula…

  • Kurrent Motion – Karrie Blackburn

    Kurrent Motion – Karrie Blackburn

    Winnipeg, Canada

    Karrie’s hoop journey began in 2009. What started out as a means of exercise quickly grew into her passion. Having…

  • Islandside Hoops – Jessica Kirk

    Islandside Hoops – Jessica Kirk

    Wildwood USA

    Get an amazing workout while we explore movement in a fun & creative way! Our classes & workshops offer a…

  • Universal Flow Art – Madeline Roa

    Universal Flow Art – Madeline Roa

    Roseville, CA USA

    Madeline is a multi-prop flow artist and owner of Universal Flow Art. She has been hoop dancing since 2012. Her…

  • HoopsByMeghon – Meghon Brookshire

    HoopsByMeghon – Meghon Brookshire

    Charleston South Carolina, U.S.A

    Spin your way into health and happiness with HoopsByMeghon where making strong quality dance hula hoops and having happy hoopy…

  • Carmen LA.olehoop

    Carmen LA.olehoop

    Chiclana de la frontera, Cádiz

    Carmen is a Political Scientist who has been dancing as a hobby for years (even she did 2 years in…

  • Anndala the Hooper – Ngaire

    Anndala the Hooper – Ngaire

    Melbourne Australia

    Anndala the Hooper is a talented Hoop dancer spinning it up in Melbourne. Mistress of the hoop and temptress of…

  • hoopbatz – Jacqueline Batz

    hoopbatz – Jacqueline Batz

    Arlington Heights, IL, USA

    Jackie Batz is just your average high school language arts teacher, who also happens to play cat lady, roller derby…

  • Inner Circle Hooping – Lucy

    Inner Circle Hooping – Lucy

    Melbourne Australia

    Lucy of Inner Circle Hooping is a lover and teacher of Hoop Dance and makes hand made Hoop Dance Hoops…

  • Just Flow Fun – Steph

    Just Flow Fun – Steph

    Bristol, CT USA

    Get fit, have fun & melt your stress away in a fabulous custom-made adult sized hula hoop. All levels welcome.…

  • Tiffany Ahern

    Tiffany Ahern

    Hannibal, MO USA

    Tiffany Ahern is a certified Hooplovers Coach. She shares her love of the hoop with the intention that others will…

  • SpinJoy Hoop Dance – Caitlyn Woods

    SpinJoy Hoop Dance – Caitlyn Woods

    Sydney Australia

    Join the hoop dance revolution spinning out of control in Sydney with SpinJoy. We offer hoop dance classes for children…

  • Citrus Circles – Dagny

    Citrus Circles – Dagny

    Edmonton, AB, Canada

    Dagny of Citrus Circles was first dazzled by hooping at Shambhala, but was unable to let it stop at that… …

  • Bee Enchanted – Penella Bee

    Bee Enchanted – Penella Bee

    North East England

    My name is Penella Bee I feel like a  funky, fierce dance and circus performer now running the Fire Girls and Enchanted…

  • Small Tribe – Heather Davies

    Small Tribe – Heather Davies

    Marlboro, USA

    Heather Davies has been hooping since 2008. At that time, she was living in Ohio and going to festivals every…

  • Hulanie – Kasia Kulbowska

    Hulanie – Kasia Kulbowska

    Lublin, Poland

    Hulanie.com is a place where everything revolves around the wheel. It is here-activate the body and mind hoop dancing. Kasia…

  • HooperFit – Meg McCormick

    HooperFit – Meg McCormick

    British Columbia, Canada

    HooperFit founder Meg McCormick is a qualified Hoop Love Coach and Certified Artistic Gymnastics Coach. Along with her many years…

  • Where’s My Unicorn? – Melanie Benham

    Where’s My Unicorn? – Melanie Benham

    Melbourne Australia

    A qualified Hoop Love Coach, Melanie believes laughter is the best medicine. By sharing her love of dance and play…

  • Inner Circle Hoops – Liz

    Inner Circle Hoops – Liz

    Butler, Pennsylvania USA

    Liz Capuano creator of InnerCircleHoops began her hoop journey in 2010 in Butler Pennsylvania. In October 2011 she began crafting…

  • Hoop Fusion – Tarnya Gillies

    Hoop Fusion – Tarnya Gillies

    Geelong SurfCoast

    Tarnya Gillies creative founder and director of local business Hoop Fusion is a self-confessed hoop addict. Dedicated to all things…

  • Hoopmania – Michala

    Hoopmania – Michala

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Hooping je součástí mého života od léta roku 2011, kdy jsem se dostala poprvé k obruči. Kroužení s obručí mě…

  • Nany Hoops – Jana

    Nany Hoops – Jana

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Nany Hoops je o radosti.. o lásce.. o přátelství.. vlastně o všem, na čem v životě opravdu záleží. Mohlo by…

  • Kitty Hoola – Bridget Herwin

    Kitty Hoola – Bridget Herwin

    Norwich, Norfolk UK

    Kitty’s parents started taking her to see ballet at a very early age. With ideas well above her station, she…

  • majesstic hoops – Jessi

    majesstic hoops – Jessi

    Sydney Australia

    majesstic hoops’ founder Jessi started hooping in 2013 and was immediately smitten! From the first time she saw hoops in…

  • Hoop Beat – Susan

    Hoop Beat – Susan

    Canberra Australia

    Movement without apology is a given when Susan is around. She has a passion to get people moving to their own beat…

  • Hopes Hoops – Rebecca Newman

    Hopes Hoops – Rebecca Newman

    Croydon, Victoria, Australia

    Welcome to Hopes Hoops, i am Hopes a hooper and Hoop Love instructor from Melbourne. I run hula hooping workshops…

  • Hoopability – Eva Fritz

    Hoopability – Eva Fritz

    Ipswich, Australia

    Hoopability offers non-competitive, community-oriented hula hoop and yoga classes, in the Ipswich and Brisbane areas of Australia.  Reflecting the depth…

  • Hoop Geeks – Jamie Marvel

    Hoop Geeks – Jamie Marvel

    Republic, Missouri, USA

    Meet your instructor… Drum roll please… Jamie Marvel!!! Jamie is a dancer, certified hoop love coach, and self-proclaimed geek. Jamie…

  • Hoops Rock! – Rachel Conlisk

    Hoops Rock! – Rachel Conlisk

    Birmingham, United Kingdom

    Rachel, a.k.a. Spinsonic is the founder of Hoops Rock! Hoopdance and Spinsonic Entertainment.  She has a passion for hula hooping,…

  • Sheefa Hoops – Ellie

    Sheefa Hoops – Ellie

    Taunton, Somerset, England

    Hello hoopers! I’m Ellie Hoops, the creator and founder of Sheefa Hoops. In Hebrew Shefa means flow and abundance, and…

  • Harbour Hoops – Aimee B

    Harbour Hoops – Aimee B

    Nanaimo, Canada

    AimeeB, from Harbour Hoops, is connecting you with your perfect hula hoop! Based in Nanaimo BC, on Vancouver Island, AimeeB…

  • Hooptality – Carron McCabe

    Hooptality – Carron McCabe

    Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

    “Carron from Hooptality has so much passion for hoop dance – you can’t help but find it contagious!” Hooptality Student…

  • IMAJENation Hoop Revival – Jennifer

    IMAJENation Hoop Revival – Jennifer

    Saranac, Michigan U.S.A.

    Jennifer has been hooping for over 2 years and enjoys teaching children and adults about the joy, fitness, therapy, and…

  • Hoopla & Hulabaloo – Molly Lippsett

    Hoopla & Hulabaloo – Molly Lippsett

    Santa Cruz, CA, USA

    Feeling like a Hoopopotamus? Become a Hula Goddess! We offer custom colorful hoops and fitness oriented classes – your hoop…

  • The Plastic Circle – Elisabeth Toyne

    The Plastic Circle – Elisabeth Toyne


    The Plastic Circle, also know as a hula hoop, is a tool for self expression, fitness, transformativ experience, as well…

  • Hooper Whoo – Kristy

    Hooper Whoo – Kristy

    Innisfail QLD

    If you are wanting to inject some fun into your life or even just tone up your body, Kristy can…

  • Hoops by Gypsy – Rachel

    Hoops by Gypsy – Rachel

    Winnipeg, Canada

    Hoops by Gypsy offers high-quality, collapsible hula hoops ideal for beginners. Classes and workshops are also available upon request. Hoops…

  • circleevolve – Hooper Rhi

    circleevolve – Hooper Rhi

    Cairns, QLD

    HoopLove Coach, Hoop fitness classes, school and daycare workshops, kids parties and events, markets, handmade hula hoop sales And so…

  • Deb Steampunk Hooping

    Deb Steampunk Hooping

    Brisbane Australia

    Hooping workshops & classes for ALL ages, its about having a go, & spreading the love of HOOPING.

  • Hello Hoops – Robbie Plumb

    Hello Hoops – Robbie Plumb

    Kansas City Metro USA

    Hello Hoops is Kansas City’s premier hula hoop dance and fitness company. Hoop Leader Robbie Plumb shares his joy of…

  • ChiQi Hoopini – Niamh Kane

    ChiQi Hoopini – Niamh Kane

    Dublin, Ireland

    Niamh Kane offers hoop dance classes and workshops for total beginners up to advanced. Adult dance hoops are supplied in…

  • JennieBrennenHoops



    Hoop Spinner/Maker Extraordinaire!    

  • HoopDanceSussex – Lucinda Muschialli

    HoopDanceSussex – Lucinda Muschialli


    Welcome to HoopDanceSussex! I run monthly HoopDance classes and HoopJams for adults and children, please contact me to join the…

  • Far Out Hooping – Marlys

    Far Out Hooping – Marlys

    Alpine Texas, USA

    FAR OUT HOOPING is west Texas’ premiere hoopdance and fitness company, offering weekly hoopdance classes, hooping workshops, and custom-made, professional…

  • Kari “Cthulhuhoop” Siler Hulagins

    Kari “Cthulhuhoop” Siler Hulagins

    Laramie, WY

    We are the Hulagins! We are a hula hoop troupe from Laramie, WY. We consist of Alicia Zuniga (Alice D…

  • Whirlie Girlies – Georgie Horn

    Whirlie Girlies – Georgie Horn

    Nashville Tennessee, USA

    In January 2014 I took my first hoop class and it was love at first whirl. I bought an adult…

  • Festihoops – Janet Glover

    Festihoops – Janet Glover

    Norfolk, Virginia USA

    Festihoops isn’t a place to share hoop joy and learn that there are no barriers inside your hoop. We share…

  • Hooplay – Sarah Jane McMorrow

    Hooplay – Sarah Jane McMorrow


    Sarah Jane McMorrow is a hoop dance instructor based in London and the founder of Hooplay. Whilst working as an…

  • Wildkat Hoops – Kat Suwalski

    Wildkat Hoops – Kat Suwalski

    Milford, MA

    Who we are: “Hooping is something that I didn’t believe I could do,” I said at my cardio hooping class.…

  • FoxSpirit Hoops – Suzue

    FoxSpirit Hoops – Suzue

    Boulder Creek, CA, USA

    FoxSpirit Hoops offers workshops, classes, hoop-jams, and custom hoops for various skill levels. If you want to experience the joy of…

  • Dezi OG Hoops

    Dezi OG Hoops

    IL, USA

    Dezi of OG Hoops has been stirring up the interests among her community and a little beyond, for the past 7…

  • Magik Circle – Lady Killagrew

    Magik Circle – Lady Killagrew

    MO, USA

    Lady Killagrew has wowed stages across mid Missouri with her magnificently crafty gogo and hoop dance and powerful fire performances!…

  • BaDi Hoop- Lyndsay Brown

    BaDi Hoop- Lyndsay Brown

    Seattle, Wa

    Barb and Dina have been teaching dance fitness for more than a decade.   Having experienced many different movement modalities…

  • Spin Matsuri – Tink

    Spin Matsuri – Tink

    Tokyo Japan

    Want to learn to hula hoop? Find fitness in a fun way? Get graceful, even if you think you’re a…

  • Hooping Wonderland – Tine Mathieu

    Hooping Wonderland – Tine Mathieu

    Landen Belgium

    Hi there beautiful Hoopers! My name is Tine Mathieu, the creator and founder of Hooping Wonderland in Belgium. I’m the…

  • Imajenation Hoop Revival – Jen Spiece

    Imajenation Hoop Revival – Jen Spiece

    Saranac NY

    Jen is committed to sharing the skill, excitement, enjoyment, and confidence of hooping for adults and children. Classes offered for…

  • we love hooping – ISAria

    we love hooping – ISAria

    München, Germany

    We love hooping offers you hula hoop workshops and classes for women, kids and all who wanna learn it. We…

  • The Hoop Fairy – Pamela Lamont

    The Hoop Fairy – Pamela Lamont

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    “My goal is to spread the word about the benefits of Hoop Dance and provide beautifully handcrafted custom hoops to…

  • Spinity Hoops – Kimberly Marie

    Spinity Hoops – Kimberly Marie

    Sacramento, CA

    Kimberly Marie is an international fire performer and professional hula-hoop dancer from Sacramento, CA. In early 2014 she performed over…

  • In Za Loop

    In Za Loop

    Margaret River Australia

    Welcome In Za Loop Stay with us for awhile and check out our little shop of shine where you will…

  • Hoops of a Feather – Abs Marie

    Hoops of a Feather – Abs Marie

    Evansville Indiana USA

    Abs Marie of Hoops of a Feather offers Hoop Dance Aerobic Classes, Workshops, Performances, Parties, and Professional Hand Made Hoops…

  • Shreveport Hoop Group – Laurel Fleming Richie

    Shreveport Hoop Group – Laurel Fleming Richie

    Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

    Laurel has been teaching hoopdance and hoop fitness weekly classes since 2010 and is the Director of Shreveport Hoop Group,…

  • Cheddar Valley Hooping – Lynn Southam

    Cheddar Valley Hooping – Lynn Southam

    Cheddar, UK

    Hoop Fit – Mind Fit If you think hooping is just about your waist, think again! In this fun class…

  • Hoopna – Lola Hoopna

    Hoopna – Lola Hoopna

    Nantes, France

    We are starting our hooper community in Nantes, we are waiting for you to join us and find your joy…

  • Kimqi Hoops – Kimqi

    Kimqi Hoops – Kimqi

    Chicopee, MA United States

    Kimqi (of Kimqi Hoops), has been hooping for over seven years. She discovered hooping in the parking lot of a…

  • LaKosta Hoops – Ivana

    LaKosta Hoops – Ivana


    First certified Croatian Hoop Love coach since 2014 y. She teaches adults and kids beginer clasess and workshops. Parcipitated in…

  • HoopShape – Sarah Roos

    HoopShape – Sarah Roos

    The Hague Netherlands

    HoopShape is founded by Sarah Roos who started hooping in 2012. After a series of trainings by several certified trainers…

  • Venus Circles – Buket

    Venus Circles – Buket

    Uppsala, Sweden

    I started hooping after being around juggler friends and the juggler community in Turkey. It opened up my view of…

  • Hoopit! – Sunny Diz

    Hoopit! – Sunny Diz

    Athens, Greece

    Sunny Diz is a Qualified Hoop Love Coach who spreads the hoop love all across Greece from 2010. She started…

  • Hula Flow – Stephanie Hendry

    Hula Flow – Stephanie Hendry

    Vernon BC Canada

    Let me introduce myself, I’m Stephanie and I love to use hula hooping as part of my fitness program as…

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